Friday, December 31, 2010

Endorsement from Evgeni Kogan, M1 Global Director of Operations

Thanks to Mr. Kogan and M1 for their support!
The rally on February 8th marks another pivotal date in the growth and acceptance of mixed martial arts as a legitimate sport, not only in the United States and North America but also on the global scale. M-1 Global and many other organizations have spent countless hours and invested even more dollars into a very young sport so that it can continue to evolve.

Billions of people tune in to watch Olympic sports, many of which form the basis of a mixed martial artist's fundamental skillset. This quest hinges on the ability to educate politicians on the reality that MMA is a legitimate sport and not comprised of thugs having 'tough man' contests without rules. In a tough economic climate, MMA is a business generating revenues for cities around the world. Today's professional MMA athletes are role models for today's youth to develop self-dicipline, self-confidence and to achieve goals through dedication, commitment and hard work - qualities which are valued at every level in society.

With a common, educated voice speaking to the few who make decisions for the majority, there is great hope that a positive outcome can be acheived. Take this valuable time to speak with fact and influence to correct the inaccuracies within MMA that some believe to be true.

Good luck!

Evgeni Kogan and your friends at M-1 Global!

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