Wednesday, December 29, 2010

UFC and MMA Legend Guy Mezger Endorses our February 8th Rally

From MMA, Pancrase, and UFC Legend Guy Mezger:

February 8th is a important date for you New Yorkers who claim to be MMA fans. You have an opportunity to step up and really show your support by attending the upcoming rally in Lower Manhattan. Politicans are politicans (that is not a good thing or a bad thing, is what it is) and they are going to be motivated by what the voter say or are willing to do. If there is enough support at this rally then the politicans will listen. You have a choice to either sit in the corner wishing for it to get done or get in the ring and be part of making it get done.

One word of caution, you will be representing MMA as a whole so don't be a jerk. Act responsible and with dignity. Don't give the nay sayers any ammo to use against the effort to get MMA legalized in New York. Steve Armstrong and myself had this same battle years ago in our successful efforts to get MMA legalized in Texas, so, I am talking from experience here and not just wishful thinking.

Good luck - Guy Mezger

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