Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UFC World Tour Hits NYC Wednesday, 7/31 at 1PM!

Watch the UFC World Tour press conference live from New York City, NY at 1PM ET/10AM PT on Wednesday, July 31. Fighters will be on hand to discuss their upcoming Pay-Per-View title fights to close out 2013. Better yet, if you are in NYC, show up for it live at the Beacon Theater! 
Georges St-Pierre, Cain Velasquez, Jon Jones, Junior Dos Santos, Alexander Gustafsson, Johny Hendricks, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate will be in the house.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Live to Fight: The New York MMA Community Steps Up For People with Life Threatening Illnesses!


Founded in June of 2013, Live to Fight, Inc., fights relentlessly for those in the martial arts and mixed martial arts community who are suffering from life threatening illnesses. Live to Fight Inc. is a not-for-profit organization founded by Kristen Brown, cancer survivor, dedicated martial arts fan, ractitioner and journalist. She is joined by an accomplished board of directors.


Live to Fight Inc. raises money and offers additional support for people in the martial arts and mixed martial arts community suffering from life threatening illnesses. Funds will be raised by offering various events for the general martial arts/MMA community including benefit instructional seminars led by professional fighters and high level martial artists and an annual MMA fashion show.


Make a donation, volunteer, host a seminar, become a Live To Fight sponsor, and join the fight! Do you or someone you know need help?

 Visit the Live to Fight website for more information

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"New York Mixed Martial Arts" is Now on HULU!

After a very long wait with many road bumps, our feature documentary New York Mixed Martial Arts, is now on HULU and HULU Plus (no commercials)!

Big thaks to everyone who helped this project including (I know I will forget people) Producer Stephen Koepfer, Director Kahleem Poole, Executive Producer Rob Terlizzi, Reggie Hinds, Robert Billings, Bradley Desir, Miguel Rivera, Paula Romero, Justin Klein, Jim Genia, Eddie Goldman, Dean Murray, Tyga Maclin, Steve Kardian, Steven Katz, Peter Lampasona, Matthew Kaplowitz, Mike Hauben, New York City Councilman Joel Rivera, Mike Straka and all the fighters that appeared in the film: Josh Barnett, Gesias Calvacante, Fedor Emilianenko,Tara LaRosa, Nestor Marte, Bas Rutten, Oleg Savitsky, and Frank Shamrock!

Spread the word! Educate the people and legislators of New York!

*Please note there is a currently a slight saturation problem in the credits of the streaming version of this film. This probl;em is being corrected presently. The Film's content is fine!Please enjoy and let us know what you think!


Anyone who cares about the future of MMA in New York State needs to watch this eye-opening film to discover who and what is keeping MMA out of Madison Square Garden.
Beyond the politics, however, this is a moving portrait of  athletes in exile - men and women who are forbidden to engage in the sport they love in their own city.

 -Mike Tucker, Director, Fightville & Gunner Palace

New York Mixed Martial Arts shows the audience the fiery yet kind heart of the sport's culture and dares them not to like it.
- Peter Lampasona, US Combat Sports

 This is an important piece of work, and every aspect of it works together to create a coherent piece of engaging story-telling that hooks you into this world and transforms the viewer from an outsider to an insider in the span of an hour.

-The Fight Nerd, thefightnerd.com

It is a rare glimpse inside MMA, but it is a gem at the same time because it will open your eyes and help you understand that this sport is so much more than punches, kicks, and choke holds.
-Shawn Baran, TheGarv.com

 Thumbs up for New York Mixed Martial Arts documentary!
-Jim Genia, MMAConvert.com

 It's going to be a great ambassador for
the legalization movement...they clearly debunk the no holds barred myth that is associated with the sport  
-Beth Hurrle, Bloodyelbow.com

New York Mixed Martial Arts beautifully captures the essence of what it is to be an MMA fighter in New York.
-Anil Melwani, MMA.us

Learn more about our film at www.nymmafilm.com

Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nymmafilm

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Down Again in 2013

Most following this blog are probably well aware by now that Speaker Sheldon Silver once again blocked NY MMA legislation from being voted upon on the Assembly floor. So, New York now has the dubious honor of being the only place in North American where pro MMA is banned. Thanks for nothing Sheldon; your ridiculous partisanship and corruptibility has once again trampled the will of the majority in the Assembly as well as a majority of New York's voters. The democratic process is dead in Silver's Assembly.

Here are several accounts of this year's failure:

June 24, 2013 Despite heavy sponsorship, MMA bill dies in committee - Legislative Gavette

June 18, 2013 New York State Assembly Shoots Down MMA Bill - NY Post

This disingenuous argument is what gave Silver the ammo to hold the bill back from a vote:

June 10, 2013 Assembly Democrats team up to take down mixed martial arts bill - NY Daily News