Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Down Again in 2013

Most following this blog are probably well aware by now that Speaker Sheldon Silver once again blocked NY MMA legislation from being voted upon on the Assembly floor. So, New York now has the dubious honor of being the only place in North American where pro MMA is banned. Thanks for nothing Sheldon; your ridiculous partisanship and corruptibility has once again trampled the will of the majority in the Assembly as well as a majority of New York's voters. The democratic process is dead in Silver's Assembly.

Here are several accounts of this year's failure:

June 24, 2013 Despite heavy sponsorship, MMA bill dies in committee - Legislative Gavette

June 18, 2013 New York State Assembly Shoots Down MMA Bill - NY Post

This disingenuous argument is what gave Silver the ammo to hold the bill back from a vote:

June 10, 2013 Assembly Democrats team up to take down mixed martial arts bill - NY Daily News

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