Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Tootsie Roll of Problems...

In the following NY Post article from October 4th, 2010, by Carl Campanile...

...we see why mass education and our movement is so important. Our sport of Mixed Martial Arts is still equated with bare knuckle fighting in this article. The article also labels our sport bare knuckle fighting, cage fighting, and MMA simultaneously. To all you mainstream press folks who may be reading this, it is called Mixed Martial Arts. It is that simple. That is the name of our professional sport. Not bloodsport, cage fighting, bare knuckle fighting, ultimate fighting, no-rules fighting...none of it. Please call it what it is: Mixed Martial Arts.

The second problem identified in this article is that Governor Elect Andrew Cuomo has lined his pockets with $74,600 in lobby dollars from Zuffa Entertainment, and he has not yet made any clear statements on the issue of legalization!

This is why we need to rally on February 8th and put out best, and vocal, foot farward to educate the people of New York AND the politicians of New York. It is our collective voice that will push this issue.

Cagey Cuomo $upporters - NY Post, October, 2010

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