Thursday, January 6, 2011

A History Lesson (or History’s Lesson) on Mixed Martial Arts in New York. By Justin Klein

If you have found your way to this website, it means you have some desire to learn more about the Coalition to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts in New York and legalizing MMA in New York State. I highly suggest you read this article by Justin Klein. It should be considered NY MMA 101 for all who wish to be educated on the topic. Please take some time to get up to speed as to how we got to the point we are today in New York State!

"...the story is full of twists and turns and a lot of confusion and flip-flopping—especially among the politicians in New York.  As I started pulling together the research I couldn’t help but note the parallels and similarities between the struggle in the 1990s and the struggle taking place now.  Of course, the sport is vastly different now (for the better), which is a truth that is lost on the opposition."
Read the full article here

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