Saturday, August 20, 2011

Get Cuomo on Board for NY MMA Now!

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Now is the time to put the pressure on folks. We may not have succeeded in getting the professional sport of Mixed Martial Arts legalized this year, but that does not mean the fight is over. In fact, the fight is far from over. Now is the time to keep fighting! Don't wait till January, 2012 to start all over again. We have had monumental support and movement this year. The grass roots support for Mixed Martial Arts has blossomed in New York this year. We must keep the ball rolling - NOW!

It is in my opinion (and that of many others) that it is imperative to get Governor Cuomo's public support on this issue. Would Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Farrell (Ways and Means Committee Chairman) block this legislation if the Governor publicly spoke in favor of Mixed Martial Arts? I think not.

The Coalition to Legalize MMA in NY has worked very closely with many legislators up in Albany. Perhaps the most passionate and motivated has been Assemblyman Dean Murray of Long Island.  Assemblyman Murray, like myself and many others, believes we must get Cuomo on board before 2012. It has been suggested that were the bill to get to Cuomo's desk, he would sign it into law. Now is the time to put the pressure on Cuomo to speak out. He must take a public position on this issue. Let's not let this issue fade from the minds of our legislators.

Assemblyman Murray has written a pettition to Governor Cuomo. Now it is time for all the members and followers of the Coalition to Legalize MMA in NY to act!


Download the petition, print it out, and return it to Assemblyman Murray. It is that simple. Let's get thousands of names on Cuomo's desk by January...or sooner!


Mail the signed petition to:

Assemblyman Dean Murray
1735 North Ocean Ave
Suite A
Medford, N.Y. 11763

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