Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Silver is dead wrong on MMA (updated 6/9/2011)

Today, with regard to mixed martial arts, the NY Daily News quoted Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver as saying "There does not appear to be widespread support in the Assembly for this legislation" We know this is not the case. Silver, is completely disingenuous.

There has never been more support for this legislation: In the Assembly, the Senate, the press, and in New York. Speaker Silver can no longer claim he is following the will of the Assembly if he continues to block this legislation. A clear mandate has been set by the people of New York, the Senate, and the Assembly Parks, Tourism, and Sports Development Committee. New York wants mixed martial arts.

Let me remind you of Assemblyman Wright's memo of support:

Let me remind you that this sport's time has come. Mixed martial arts is not "Ultimate Fighting" as the mainstream press (in this case, the Daily News) continues to falsely refer to us.  MMA is a highly regulated sport comprised of traditional martial arts that go back hundreds of years. Please take the time to re-read my memo of support:

If you are a New York fan, fighter, coach, or business owner, YOU MUST ACT NOW and contact your Assemblyperson.

If you are a member of the Assembly and support this legislation, YOU MUST ACT NOW, stand up and show your support.

Update: 6/9/2011

Since writing this post more information has come to light that demonstrates the error in Speaker Silver's opinion that the Assembly MMA legislation lacks support:

US Combat Sports: New York Assemblyman Dean Murray Proves Support of MMA with 60 Bipartisan Signatures. By Peter Lampasona

ESPN: MMA Stumbles in New York. By Josh Gross

MMA Junkie: After speaker's gloomy evaluation, assemblyman gives New York MMA bill 50-50 shot. By Steven Marrocco

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