Friday, March 1, 2013

South Dakota Athletic Commission Bill Passes, MMA Ban Defeated

On Tuesday I told you about the debate in the South Dakota House about the formation of a state athletic commission and the banning on MMA. Similar to our situation in New York, the South Dakota Senate had previously approved the companion legislation and everything was riding on House passage of the bill.

South Dakota WAS one of only three states that had no athletic commission to regulate combat sports. However, despite best attempts by ignorant legislators like Representative Steve Hickey, the House bill passed yesterday by a margin of 50-20.

All that remains is the Governor's Signature to seal the deal. Governor Dennis Daugaard is historically not in favor of bringing MMA into South Dakota; even though it already exists there in a dangerous unregulated fashion.

Last year South Dakota's lack of MMA regulation made the headlines after the tragic death of Dustin Jensen. In my editorial regarding Jensen's death I had asked if the MMA community would learn something from the tragedy. Apparently, thankfully, the South Dakota legislature has. While the anti-MMA Governor could veto the bill, it is not expected as there is enough support in the House and the Senate to override it should he try.

To read a more detailed accounting of yesterday's events, check this story by David Montgomery of

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