Tuesday, February 26, 2013

South Dakota Debates MMA Regulation

South Dakota is on of only three states that has no Athletic Commission to oversee combat sports, leaving MMA in a state of unregulation. During a recent discussion on the topic Representative Steve Hickey, who is opposed to allowing MMA into South Dakota and wishes to ban it, showed his complete ignorance calling MMA the "child porn of sports." Check the video here:


Well, Representative Hickey may not want MMA in South Dakota, but the reality is that it is already there in an unregulated (read unsafe) fashion. Maybe is Hickey and Governor Dennis Daugaard, who is also opposed to MMA regulation in South Dakota, would eductae themselves and allow for regulation, they may prevent another tragedy like last year's death of Dustin Jensen in their own state.

Conversely, Senator Mark Johnston is leading a charge to create an athletic commission with the responsibility of regulating mixed martial arts. Needless to say we support Senator Johnston!

Prohibition = Reckless disregard of safety
Regulation = Safety

If any of our readers are South Dakota voters, contact your legislator and voice your support for safe regulated MMA!

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