Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Testimony In the Maryland Assembly Regarding State Regulation of Amateur MMA and Kickboxing

The following video highlights testimony before the Economic Matters Committee of the Maryland Legislature. The hearing regards Bill HB0351 which proposes that the State Athletic Commission regulate amateur mixed martial arts and kick boxing.

The bill (if passed into law) would authorize the State Athletic Commission to license and regulate amateur mixed martial arts and amateur kick boxing; expand the scope of drug testing for specified contestants; repeal specified mandatory sanctions for specified contestants who refuse to submit to specified tests or test positive for the presence of specified drugs; require specified contestants to submit to a specified blood test under specified circumstances; define terms; make technical changes; etc.

Starting at 1:24 of this video, you can observe expert testimony on the matter:
Offering testimony at this hearing are Maryland State Athletic Commissioner Patrick Pannella; Dr. Sherry Wulkun, Rinside Physician; Nick Lembo, New Jersey Athletic Control Board; and David Braslow MMA Official.


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