Saturday, February 18, 2012

UPDATE: Zuffa et al. respond to NYS motion to dismiss MMA ban suit

Interesting read folks. The legal battle for legal live MMA in NYS takes another small step forward as Zuffa et al. filed their response to NYS's motion to dismiss.

Here's a recap:

On November 15th, 2011 multiple plaintiffs filed a Federal lawsuit to lift the ban on live MMA in New York. The complaint cited multiple constitutional violations and was spearheaded by Zuffa, LLC (owners of the UFC).

Then on February 1st, NYS responded with a motion to dismiss and uphold the MMA ban. In a nutshell, NYS argued that the suit should be dismissed and the law should not be judged on the MMA landscape today, but only the circumstances under which it was created 15 years ago. If NYS wants legal MMA let the legislature in Albany take care of it, not the courts.

The main point of the response filed yesterday by Zuffa et al. is to demonstrate of how changes in the sport since 1997 make the live MMA ban irrational today. The attempt to demonstrate that these changes are in fact relevant to the case and that the complaint should not be dismissed.

Read the entire 2/17/12 response here

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