Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New York Moves to Uphold Ban on Live Professional MMA

Predictably, according to the Hollywood Reporter, New York State did not simply bow down in the face of Zuffa's federal lawsuit to overturn the ban on live professional mixed martial arts. The state has moved to dismiss the suit; essentially warning the federal judge to keep out of New York's business and noting that if the 1997 law needs to be changed, let the legislators in Albany do it (we know how successful that has been - insert sarcasm here).

However, as I noted in an earlier post, in order to craft their motion to dismiss, New York State was forced to admit that amateur mixed martial arts is legal. This admission was a diamond in the rough for us New Yorker's who have been mislead by the state commission on this issue for fifteen years. It also opens the door for some form of MMA competition to openly begin germinating here in the state.

This battle is far from over as the case has not yet been dismissed AND we have simultaneous legislative movement underway in Albany.

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