Thursday, December 31, 2015

Markey Gets Cold Feet and Inside MMA Was There to Cover the Story

Opponent to regulated MMA in New York, Assemblywoman Margret Markey - Chair of the Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development - cancelled her own scheduled December 11th public hearing on combat sports injuries in New York State with only days notice, and no justification given. According to the hearing's original announcement:
The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) is authorized to regulate professional boxing and wrestling, which includes, but is not limited to, establishing medical and safety rules and regulations. If legalized in New York State, the sport of mixed martial arts would likely be regulated by NYSAC. 
The purpose of this hearing is to ascertain the frequency and severity of injuries suffered by professional boxers, wrestlers, mixed martial arts fighters and other combative sports participants. In addition, this hearing would review current safety and medical protocols in order to determine if there are areas in need of improvement which would benefit and protect the welfare of these professional athletes.
Apparently, Markey had a case of cold feet when it became clear not enough people would testify against regulating MMA in New York.
Despite the Assemblywoman's apparent desire NOT to hear from her constituents on the issue, the UFC spearheaded rally that was to precede the hearing went on full steam ahead, with assistance from our coalition, right in front of Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie's Manhattan office...and AXS TV's Inside MMA was there to cover the story:

Will 2016 be the year for NY MMA? Time will tell, but there are lots of moving parts in our favor, not the least of which is a newly ratified and comprehensive bill that addresses each and every aspect of the opposition's argument against the sport. The legislation is set to hit the ground running once the legislative calendar opens next year. After a very close battle this year, Assembly supporters of regulated MMA in NY plan to push the issue early in 2016. With the UFC actively planning an event at Madison Square Garden for April, the Federal lawsuit still in play, and an opposition that is losing steam, our ducks are lining up in a nice row for a potentially exciting new year.


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