Saturday, May 31, 2014

NY MMA: May Update

Not much new in NY MMA this year. Senate passed the legislation again. Assembly will likely not pass it again. The Zuffa et. al vs NYS Federal lawsuit moves on (currently in discovery phase), and amateur MMA continues to boom...with some controversy.  Here are some recent stories to get you all up to speed.

May 21, 2014: Deadspin, HIV, Hepatitis C, and More: New York's MMA Scene is a Disaster

May 19, 2014: By The NY Daily News, NYS Assembly Speaker - NY MMA Looking Unlikely

May 19, 2014: By Jime Genia, Would MMA Lose a Floor Vote in the Assembly?

May 15, 2014: By Jim Genia, Will the Assembly Vote on MMA This Year?

May 14, 2014: By Fightland, Fighting for Nothing - And Everything - In New York

May 14, 2014: By Jim Genia, Analyzing New York's 2014 MMA Bills

May 14, 2014: Stephen Koepfer and Al Iaquinta on the TNS Podcast

May 9, 2014: By Jim Genia, Bjorn Rebney on the Battle for MMA in New York - "I've Stayed Out of It"

May 1, 2014: By Jim Genia, Yesterday's Press Conference in Albany Generates Some Media Attention

April 27, 2014: By Popular Mechanics, Fight Night - Watching MMA in NYC

April 24, 2014: By Jim Genia, One on One with Senator Liz Kruger, New York MMA's Most Vocal Enemy

April 4, 2014: By Jim Genia, The UFC, the Cullinary Union and the Battle for New York

March 14, 2014: By Jim Genia, New York Senate Still Likes MMA

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