Sunday, February 23, 2014

2nd Annual ABC approved MMA Judge Course: Report

Yesterday, the Coalition to Legalize MMA in NY held it's second annual Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) approved MMA judge course with Robert Hinds, veteran MMA official and only one of eight people approved by the ABC to offer the course.

Last year's course was held in Long Island, NY. This year, the class was held in the heart of Manhattan at New York Combat Sambo; the first time an ABC approved MMA official's course has ever been hosted in New York City.

Over a dozen attendees came to the gym turned classroom to participate. Included among the students were current and aspiring MMA judges, fighters, coaches and journalists. We were honored to have newest member of the New York State Athletic Commission, John Signorile in attendance for part of the course as well. The Commissioner's presence was critical and motivational. Mr. Signorile was extremely supportive of bringing pro MMA to New York and learning as much as he can about the sport in order to help do so.

Also in attendance was legendary MMA journalist and author Jim Genia who wrote a fantastic review of his experience in the class for his MMA Journalist Blog.

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