Monday, June 3, 2013

UPDATED ACTION ALERT! Assembly Dems Conference MMA Bill Next Week!

Assembly Democrats are conferencing the MMA bill next week (June 11th)! Originally scheduled for June 4th the conference was postponed one week with yet another pessimistic statement by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has stonewalled the legislation for years in the Assembly:
“I know there are a number of women who support it; there are a number of women who oppose it,” Silver said Monday. “I don’t think the women support it, if you took the majority of women in our conference.”

On the heels of the New York Assembly postponement, the Connecticut legislature moved legalize MMA. Aside from New York, Connecticut was the only state with an athletic commission that banned MMA. New York now stands alone in North America.

Assembly conference postponement and Speaker Silver's negativity aside, things look even more grim for New York as the legislative calendar ends on June 20th. If there is a sliver of chance that we get MMA this year, we MUST call your Assembly Representatives ASAP and tell them we want regulated professional MMA in NY!

Join our coalition and MMA4NY in getting the word out!

Find out who your Assembly Representative is and how to contact them here:
NY State Assembly
Not sure what election district you are? Click here

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