Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gina Carano on New York Mixed Martial Arts

On January 18th, noted female Mixed Martial Artist and former Strikeforce Champion Gina Carano appeared on Darce Side Radio. While she appeared to talk about her new film "Haywire", she took a few moments to speak on the issue of the ban on live MMA in New York State. For those not aware, Carano is one of several plaintiffs in the current Federal lawsuit against New Yrok State to lift the ban on live MMA.
...Honestly, it is absolutely insane to me I sit here in New York...they have not legalized it yet. Every other form of competition in martial arts until you put them all together is legal, but for some reason [MMA] is not legal...I think that has more to do with politics than actual mixed martial arts itself.

...We as fighters need to have a voice and I am really honored to be a part of it. So hopefully one day we will all be watching [MMA] in Madison Square Garden.

...[The New York fans] love it, they absolutely lov it here. I would have moved to New York if it were legal. It is an amazing place to be.
Listen to the full episode of Darce Side Radio with Gina Carano, Pat Barry, and Dave Camarillo here

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