Monday, November 7, 2011

Darce Side Radio covers "Fightville", Ariel Helwani, and "Raw Combat"

Darce Side Radio covers the NYC premier of the fantastic new MMA documentary "Fightville" at the NYC DOCS Film Festival. This film will go great lengths towards educating new fans as to what MMA is and is not. It was wonderful, as was the Director Michael Tucker who arranged for myself and several others from the NY MMA community to attend the film's screening. Mr. Tucker came to know about MMA while working on a previous film and became an instant fan! I highly recommend the film!!

After the film was a so called "panel" on New York MMA with MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani. Unfortunately, the "panel" was more of a UFC anti-union political attack ad by Helwani than an actual objective and honest discussion of the situation here in New York. What boiled my blood most was his answer to an audience member's question as to what NY fans are doing about the ban on MMA. Helwani's answer was insulting: "They just talk about it", suggesting that we have not been proactive in the fight. Thanks for nothing Ariel.

Listen to the entire panel and subsequent Q&A on this episode of the Darce Side (don't be surprised if you don't hear any New York press or Coalition members during the Q&A...we were avoided like the plague and never called on).

Also on the show is Jim Genia (who was also present at the Fightville screening), author of "Raw Combat: The Underground World of Mixed Martial Arts" which covers nearly 20 years of NY MMA history, offers a window inside the NY MMA community, and the effects of NY State's ban on live MMA.

Lots of NY MMA news and issues from past to present. Take a listen:

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