Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Thanks to Klutch!

Klutch Wear has been an active member of the Coalition to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts in New York and an example of what a local business can do to help the cause!

They started by sponsoring the New York MMA Documentary last May at the Bronx Week Film Festival by giving away free shirts to ticket buyers. Then, they included the NY MMA NOW logo on their signage at the Jones Beach store, where they are selling shirts for the summer. They continued to help by giving away a NY MMA fact sheet to each customer with every purchase of a Klutch Wear shirt. But, that has not been enough for them...

Now, on their new re-designed website, they have included an entire "Legalize MMA in NY" page!

These guys walk the walk. They don't just talk about supporting MMA in NY, the go out and do it!

Everyone please check out their new website and check out the new "Legalize MMA in NY" t-shirts they have up for grabs!

Thanks to Klutch and all their support of NY MMA!

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  1. Please tell me how we can get this shirt! We are going to UFC 169 and want to wear them in Jersey...