Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you Catholic and an MMA fan?

There are more people opposed to mixed martial arts in New York than Assemblyman Bob Reilly and a few unions who offer token resistance to take a jab at the Ferittas.

In fact, one such opponent is the New York State Catholic Conference. The NYSCC lobbied against Senate Bill S01707.  While their efforts were not successful in the Senate, which passed the legislation by an overwhelming vote of 42-18, it goes without saying that they may still try to lobby against Assembly Bill A04146.

The NYSCC makes the standard ignorant arguments regarding excessive violence, injuries, and death, which demonstrate that the memo's author has not done his or her homework regarding the evolution of our sport from what was once called "ultimate fighting" to what is now a highly regulated professional sport. What was most disturbing in the memo was the equating of professional mixed martial arts to "hardcore pornography and events featuring nudity or live sex acts."

If you are Catholic fighter, coach, business owner, or fan of the professional sport of mixed martial arts, please contact the New York State Catholic Conference and RESPECTFULLY express your favorable opinion regarding MMA.

To understand the NYSCC's argument against MMA, read the following memo which was obtained by the Coalition to Legalize Mixed Martial Arts in New York.

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