Monday, April 25, 2011

High times for MMA in New York

By Eli Epstein
Washington Square News
April 24, 2011

As opinion editor, I often undertake the grim duty of siphoning through all of the unfortunate events going on in our world. I read about Libya and Japan and scores of other struggles and tragedies, but what often hits the hardest is the fight over the New York State budget and the continual discussion of what stays and what goes. Though I'm not originally from Manhattan, nor am I any sort of fiscal expert, it hurts to see that the state has to make education cuts year after year. I've spent time volunteering in New York City public schools, where I've witnessed firsthand just how important education funding is in hiring motivated teachers and enhancing the futures of our city's youth.

What makes this all the more disturbing is how the state has handled the legalization of Mixed Martial Arts, which failed to make it through the legislature last year despite passing through the Senate and two Assembly committees...

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