Wednesday, March 23, 2011

UPDATED: Michael Benjamin New York Post Op-Ed

The Right Kick For NY
Legalize Mixed Martial Arts
By Michael Benjamin

New York should not sit by as adjoining states and Canadian provinces sponsor MMA shows and reap the economic benefits. Nor should New York prevent its native sons from competing in their home state. The time to legalize MMA is now.
Read Benjamin's entire Op-Ed here

Comment: Michael Benjamin is a great supporter of MMA and our coalition. Take some time to listen to him on this episode of cage radio. We greatly appreciate his efforts on our behalf!

Nevertheless, I need to correct the record and say that Mixed Martial Arts is NOT "ultimate fighting" or "no-holds-barred" as noted in this editorial. These terms refer to the old no-rules days. We supporters of MMA MUST stop using such antiquated terms that contradict what our sport is, offers ammunition to the opposition, and misleads the average mainstream media reader who may be ignorant to our sport.

UPDATE 3/24/2011:
Michael Benjamin contacted me this morning and asked that I post the following:

It was not my intention to undermine my argument with such an outdated definition of what is now a truly well regulated sport. Mixed martial arts is a regulated professional and amateur sport where martial artists and combat sports athletes from diverse training backgrounds can compete safely under a unified set of rules and the oversight of state athletic commissions. And I support the athletes and fans who have made mixed martial arts the fastest growing sport worldwide. I will continue working to lift of the current New York State ban on mixed martial arts.

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